Embrace The Essence Of Taste

At Havins Ice Cream, we take pride in crafting the world's most delicious ice cream using advanced techniques, wholesome sugars, and a planet-friendly approach that defines who we are. 🌍🍦

No Compromise, Full Taste
FIndulge in creamy bliss, where every scoop whispers sweet symphonies, a delictable escape that knows no bouds, Just Pure.

Well-Being & Eco-Friendliness

Savoring ice cream: a guilt-free delight, nurturing well-being with each scoop, while embracing eco-friendliness, a treat that's truly refreshing and sustainable.

Haviñ's R&D Is at the top of Food-Tech Industry

Innovating flavors with precision, Haviñ's R&D pioneers the forefront of food-tech, crafting ice cream experiences that redefine deliciousness with mastery.

Udayasri Kalishetty

"Havins delivers unparalleled ice cream perfection with organic ingredients. Each scoop is a divine journey of taste and quality."

Steps Towards A More Sustainable Future

Sustainable Sourcing Ingredients

We Use locally-sourced ingredients to reduce carbon footprint.

Reducing Water Wastage

Minimize water usage in production and cleaning processes

Energy effieciency

Shift to renewable energy sources for production facilities.

Biodegradable Packing

  1. Opt for biodegradable packing

Carbon Offsetting

Invest in projects that offset the carbon footprint of your operations.

About Us!

Who We Are

Welcome to Havins, where quality reigns supreme in every scoop. With a focus on organic ingredients, our artisanal ice cream delivers unparalleled taste in every bite. Each flavor is a testament to our commitment to purity, crafted with care and precision.


At Havins, we believe in the power of simplicity, using only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients. From creamy dairy to vibrant fruits, our creations are free from artificial additives or preservatives. With us, it’s quality over quantity, ensuring a satisfying experience every time.


Indulge in our handcrafted delights, from timeless classics to innovative flavors. Join us on a journey of flavor and purity with every spoonful of Havins ice cream.

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